34th Annual – Basic Cooking Techniques – A 2-Week Intensive Course

This two-week immersion course is designed for those committed to learning the basic fundamentals and skills of healthful cooking in a concentrated period of time.

This intensive course includes balanced menu planning and discussion of basic quality ingredients; knife skills; the use of herbs and spices; cooking with whole grains and beans, fruits and vegetables, sea vegetables, tofu and tempeh, organic eggs and fish; fermentation, soups, salads and dressings, desserts, medicinal drinks; learning about kitchen equipment and supplies; and methods for adapting traditional recipes to healthier ones.

Each day we will prepare a wholesome balanced meal for lunch which, over the course of the program, will highlight various cooking techniques such as boiling, broiling, steaming, sauteéing, baking, blanching, pressure-cooking, grilling, roasting, toasting, and pan-frying. (In a few recipes, organic eggs and butter will be used; fish is optional.)

Course materials in a 3-ring binder are included.

Classes fill quickly so please register early.

This course is eligible for 60 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for Registered Dietitians.