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In this article, we have reviewed the best induction cooktop cleaner. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top ones.

Have you recently purchased an induction cooktop and are wondering if there is some specific cleaner that you should use with it? We’re here to help.

Induction cooktops are selling like hotcakes these days. Demand for quick and low energy consuming cooking utensils has pushed their global sales to almost $18.5bn (2018 figures, it is growing at a healthy pace too!)[1]

Best Induction Cooktop Cleaner

Induction cooktops come with a glass-ceramic surface, which is vulnerable to dirt, grease, or stains while cooking. But worry not, because induction cooktops are very easy to clean, especially when you compare them to other traditional cooktops. 

However, the cleaning is not just about sprinkling water and wiping it off with a piece of cloth. Without proper cleaner, these cooktops may get scratches or lose shine. 

Several good quality cleansers are designed for cleaning the induction cooktop, which you can find out about in this article.

  • This kit is used for quick cleaning of your induction cooktop and keeps it new and beautiful.
  • A few drops of cleaner is enough to scrub away grease, dirt, and food residue.
  • Razor scraper helps remove the tough burned-on food stains.
  • Cleaner liquid has an effective formula to clean and polish the induction cooktop.
  • It is non-toxic, which makes it safe for regular household or professional use.
  • The cleaner, together with micro-bead technology scrubber, maintains the shine and protects from any damages.
  • This cleaner is very gentle to use on a glass cooktop without scratching the surface.

Best Induction Cooktop Cleaner

Weiman Cooktop cleaner Kit

Weiman Cooktop cleaner kit includes a razor scraper, a scrubbing pad, and a heavy-duty cleaner and polish liquid for streak-free cleaning. The cleaner has a potent non-abrasive formula that quickly removes food stains, greasy residue, and other dirt on the induction cooktop. It is popular among households as well as professional chefs.

Features and Benefits

  • In-depth cleaning: The cleaner liquid’s potent formula helps clean stubborn burned food, dirt, greasy oil residue, dust, and fingerprints very quickly from the surface of the induction cooktop. You can easily remove baked stains with the help of a sharp razor scraper.
  • Shining: Micro-bead technology engineered within the scrubbing pad powers the scrubber to bring shine to the smooth glass-top surface. It polishes the surface without leaving any scratches and maintains the beauty of the cooktop.
  • Safe to use: The formula is very gentle yet effective in cleaning the stains without damaging the cooktop. The polish liquid is non-toxic, making it safe for consistent day to day use.
  • Multipurpose utility: It is also used to clean all countertops, bar surfaces, and other appliances and glass or ceramic cooktop. It maintains the shining of a separate kitchen and household appliances longer.

Why should you buy it?

This cooktop cleaner helps remove old stains very easily and efficiently. You can quickly clean your cooktop as it only takes 10-15minutes to clean, which saves a lot of time. The cleanser contains non-toxic chemicals, so it is safe for your skin and can be used regularly.

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Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit contains a 10-ounce bottle of Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaner cream, a cleaning pad with a POW-R grip pad, and a scraper. It has a mild abrasive formula for removing tough cooking stains from the induction cooktop.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy-duty cleaning: This cooktop cleaner has polyethylene polypropylene glycol and diethylene glycol monobutyl ether. These chemicals act as an excellent solvent for burnt food stains, grease, and dirt. It helps in deep cleaning without leaving a scratch on the cooktop.
  • Safe on glass surface: The cleaner does not contain any harmful substances like plastic beads and dimethicone. It makes it safe to be used on the cooktop without the fear of any damage. It is also free from silicone that causes harm to the smooth induction cooktop surface.
  • Maintain shine: Cerama Bryte is tough on stains, whether it be old food burns or daily cooking residue. Its regular use maintains the shine and performance of the glass top.
  • Essential tools: The Cerama Bryte cooktop scraper is designed specially to remove burned-on deposits of spilled food without scratching the cooktop. The POW-R grip pad tool is used with the non-scratch cleaning pad. It provides a secure grip while cleaning and keeps your hand clean.

Why should you buy it?

This cleaner is lab-tested as biodegradable, making it useful for the environment. It does not contain any hazardous substances leaving it safe for your induction cooktop and your hands. It removes the odor of food spills and stains and leaves the lemon fragrance.

Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Max

This cooktop cleaner cream weighs 9 ounces and comes with a scrubbing pad that is multi-function. Its micro-bead technology enhances the scrubbing capability. This benefits in removing the worst burnt food stains and other messes without scratches.

Features and Benefits

  • Micro-Bead technology: Microbeads are very tiny particles made up of plastic that don’t dissolve in water. It is used in cosmetics and cleaning products to wash away dirt. Weiman Cooktop max has advanced Micro-Bead technology. It is a unique formula to rinse-off burnt stains, grease, and watermarks.
  • Easy to clean: Scrubber helps remove severe burnt-on food, baked stains, grease, oil spills, dirt, and grime with ease. The cooktop scrubbing pad has a non-abrasive property. It means the pad can clean without scratching or being harsh on the glass cooktop.
  • Streak-free Shining: Weiman max is created to polish any induction cooktop surface without leaving stains behind. It cleans, shines, and protects your cooktop without any streaks or marks.
  • Safely restores: The gentle and effective formula lets you clean your cooktop without damaging or leaving any scratches. It restores the surface while safely lifting away the dirt.
  • Non-toxic chemicals: The ingredients of this cleaner are not harmful to the environment. You can use them barehanded as the skin-friendly chemicals present in the formula causes no harm.

Why should you buy it?

This cleaner removes stains and has a lemon fragrance. It contains glass protectants that maintain the cooking efficiency of the glass induction cooktop. The cleaning process is straightforward and quick, which saves you time.

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Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner

Bar Keepers Friend cooktop cleaner includes a 12 ounces powder cleanser, a 3 in 1 detail brush set, and a razor scraper with quickly replaceable blades. These complete cleaning tools help clean induction cooktop and other cookware with ease.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe on glass: Bar Keepers Friend cleaning kit is safe for your glass cooktop. Remove tough stains using the lightweight plastic razor scraper on the glass surface without scratching it.
  • Non-toxic cleaning formula: The powder cleanser is safe to be used in your house for cleaning the cooktop. Harsh active chemicals like bleach and borax are not present in the cleanser. It is gentle on your skin and causes no harm.
  • A complete cooktop cleaner: Bar Keepers Friend is a complete glass cooktop cleaner kit. Use the razor scraper in cleaning the severe residue food and burnt food. Use the detail brush kit to clean the hard to reach the corner and go around the edges.
  • Multipurpose use of detail brush kit: You can use the long handle deep clean brush to clean tiles, scrub windows, and door tracks. Medium corner & edge brush to clean edges, corner and do small to medium detail cleaning. 2 in 1detail brush and silicone scraper reach areas that other brushes are hard to go.

Why should you buy it?

Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner comes with a safe plastic scraper, which is non-abrasive. It is safe to use on a glass top without the fear of scratches because it has plastic blades. It comes with a 3 in 1 detail brush kit and can be used to clean the corners and gaps in your kitchen. The powder cleanser and polish can clean the cooktop and other appliances.

Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner and Polish

Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner and Polish is a 16-ounce glass or ceramic induction cooktop liquid based cleaner. It cuts out grease and removes food stains from the cooktop. The Magic cleaner formula is safe and effective and will not leave any scratches.

Features and Benefits

  • Reveal natural beauty: This cleaner has a streak-free, non-abrasive formula to clean, shine & protect all cooktop without scratching or damaging. It enhances the natural beauty of a glass induction cooktop.
  • Revitalize surface: A gentle and productive recipe that cleans up tough stains, burnt food & oily residue safely to revitalize your surfaces that keep your cooktop sparkling brighter and more prolonged.
  • Removes stain: Magic Glass Cooktop Clean and Polish removes grease, dirt & watermarks. It also easily cuts through the harsh food burns & old stains, allowing you to get the perfect results.
  • It is safe and easy to use:  Non-toxic formula makes it safe to use smooth glass induction cooktops regularly. This cleaner helps to achieve great results quickly & effortlessly, so your cooktop looks clean for a long.
  • Transparent protective coating: Magic cleaners leaves behind a transparent protective coating that repels dirt, water, and fingerprints to help surfaces resist future staining.

Why should you buy it?

Magic Cooktop Cleaner has stay-clean technology making glass induction cooktops faster and easier to clean. This technology leaves behind a transparent protective coating on the cooktop surface after cleaning. It makes it stay cleaner longer by repelling dirt and resisting strain. Micronized scrubbers and buffers prevent scratches on the glass surface.

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Therapy - Cooktop Cleaning Kit

Therapy Cooktop cleaning kit includes 16-ounces of heavy-duty cooktop cleaner and a non-abrasive scrubbing sponge pad. The heavy-duty cleaner has a scratch-free formula, which provides unbelievable shine and a strain-free finish. Instead of petroleum-based solvents, it has plant-based cleaning agents.

Features and Benefits

  • Ingredients with no petroleum solvents: It contains filtered water as one of the main ingredients. Calcium carbonate, decyl glucoside, and Cocamidopropyl betaine as cleansing agents. Dimethicone acts as a polishing agent, acrylates copolymer as a thickener, and methylisothiazolinone as a preservative. It has a lemon essential oil blend as a fragrance.
  • Safe formula: Therapy cooktop cleaner has a potent cleaning formula that removes harsh baked-on food, grease, and thickened dust. It has a scratch-free formula with no petroleum solvents. It makes it safe for all glass and ceramic induction cooktops.
  • Plants and mineral-based formula: Therapy cooktop cleaner and polish uses a healthy formula with plants and mineral-based cleaning agents that are tough on stains.
  • Lemon fragrance: Enjoy a natural lemon essential oil fragrance while cleaning your glass induction cooktop.

Why should you buy it?

With no petroleum solvents, this cleaner is safe to use on induction cooktops. It has only plant and mineral-based cleaning agents, making it even safer for your skin. It also leaves a lemon fragrance while cleaning, giving you a good feeling.

Frigidaire Glass & Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner

Frigidaire cooktop cleaner makes your induction cooktop streak and scratches free. It removes grease, dirt, bunt food, oil, and smudges. The cleaner also adds a layer of polish to keep dirt away from the cooktop surface after the cleaning. It works with all brands and is safe for surfaces where food is cooked.

Features and Benefits

  • Streak-free: Other cooktop cleaners end up leaving streaks on your shiny new induction cooktop’s surface. It can easily take out smudges, dirt, grease, and oil stains.
  • Burnt on residue: Burnt-on food leaves behind a residue, which is hard to clean by even the best cleaning solutions. This cleaner is able to take up burnt-on residue and remove it completely, leaving a shiny and new looking surface.
  • Safe: You need to be very careful with any product that is touching cooktops or other food preparation surfaces, especially if you have children at home. This cleaner is certified safe for use near contact surfaces.
  • Universal: Works well with all-ceramic and glass top induction cooktops. It can be applied to cooktops of all brands. 
  • Environment friendly: This cleaner is made using a plant-based solution, and the bottle used is recyclable, making it an environment-friendly product.

Why should you buy it?

This cleaner is able to take off burnt off food residue. Food residue is extremely difficult to take off. For people who cook a lot of stuff that stews or gets charred, this cleaner is a godsend. On top of that, it is an environmentally friendly product made from plant-based chemicals in a recyclable bottle.

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Induction Cooktop Cleaner


A good induction cooktop cleaner must have excellent solvents capable of dissolving tough concrete food stains, grease, and dirt from the glass or ceramic cooktop surface. You can also look for ingredients like cleansing & polishing agents, preservatives, thickeners, and fragrance.

Best Induction Cooktop Cleaner

Safe for glass cooktop

Induction cooktops are made up of glass or ceramic and can be vulnerable to scratches. The scrubbing pad and the razor scraper that comes with the cleaner must be safe to use. Before buying, you should confirm if it is scratch-free or not.

Non-toxic cleaner

Some good cleaners have petroleum solvents, while others have plant and mineral-based cleaning agents. You might have an allergic reaction to some of the chemicals. You may consider buying a biodegradable cleaner that doesn’t have any hazardous substances.

Best Induction Cooktop Cleaner

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Induction Cooktop Cleaner

Are induction cooktops easier to clean?

Yes, the induction cooktop, compared to the standard cooktop, has a flat glass or ceramic surface, making it easier to clean. You can clean it easily with an induction cooktop cleaning kit.

How do I remove tough stains from my induction cooktop?

The induction cooktop may get burned-on food stains. With the help of an induction cooktop cleaner kit, you can remove it quickly. First, remove burnt-on food stains with the help of a razor scraper. Shake the cleaner and polish bottle well. Apply a quarter-sized amount directly to the cool cooktop. Rub with a scrubbing pad and then mop away with a soft cloth or paper towel. 

Best Induction Cooktop Cleaner

How do I keep scratches off my induction cooktop?

Once you get a scratch on your glass or ceramic induction cooktop, it’s hard to remove. So, it would help if you cleaned your induction cooktop regularly with a good induction cooktop cleaner, and polish can prevent it from scratches.


Say goodbye to the tough stain on your cooktop, and say hello to cooktop cleaner kits. The cleaning kits work miraculously on year-old stains and clean them like new. 

In our opinion, the is the best choice among the various options that we have considered because the cleanser contains non-toxic chemicals, so it is safe for your skin and can be used regularly.

Best Induction Cooktop Cleaner

The is our next best choice because it removes the odor of food spills and stains and leaves the lemon fragrance.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the , which offers great value and features at a very reasonable price point. 


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