Air Fryer Ribs: Get Tender, Juicy Ribs in Less Time

We all know that ribs are perfect for barbecues and family gatherings. They are easy to prepare, inexpensive, and can feed a crowd of hungry people in no time. But if you want to make them for dinner without having to spend hours standing around the grill cooking them, then

Pizza Rolls In Air Fryer: From Frozen To Perfect

Pizza rolls, or pizza, in general, are some sort of good omen. I see them during successful meetings, at celebrations, or even when one simply needs to wind down, with a pizza roll in hand. I’m storing these for my own accessible stash of pick-me-up snacks, ready to pop a

How to Melt Peanut Butter: Easy Ways Everyone Should Know

Everyone loves peanut butter. From the velvety texture to the delicious taste, peanut butter can be enjoyed in several ways. If you have ever purchased a box of peanut butter, you would know that it comes in two different variations: creamy and crunchy. Although peanut butter is a delicacy most

How Long Does Coconut Milk Last?

Coconut milk is a popular choice for those who want to avoid dairy, or for those who are lactose intolerant. It has a delicious flavor that tastes like coconut meat itself with a little sweet and salty touch. It is a popular drink to have because it has fewer calories

Black Beans Vs Pinto Beans: Are They Same or Not?

In today’s day, people are becoming more and more aware and cautious over what type of food they are consuming, and so more and more people are now adding beans to their daily diets. The two most common types of beans are black beans vs pinto beans. Both these bean

Benihana Garlic Butter: Easy Homemade Recipe

I’ve visited Chicago twice now, and the city still never ceases to amaze me every time. One gem of a discovery is this wonderful Japanese restaurant called Benihana. Our time was grand, with all the chefs preparing our food right in front of us. Teppanyaki is also something that I’ve

Benihana Fried Rice Recipe: Homemade Version

If only we could take the Benihana experience at home!  But of course, we can’t, because it entails purchasing teppanyaki grills and having the butler service of a Hibachi chef 😀 I’m really gaga over Benihana’s chicken fried rice. I can’t even remember how many bowls I’ve consumed each time

The Easiest Oven-baked Chuck Roast Recipe

If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood…Sorry, I couldn’t help it! I get triggered to do a mental tongue twister whenever I see the word “chuck”. Of course, this post is about a tried and tested oven-baked chuck roast recipe passed on for decades within our family – and has nothing

How To Cook London Broil For That Perfect Date Night

Steak has always been a favorite dish of mine for so, so many reasons. I always associate steak with a holiday, or something wonderful to celebrate. It is quite a straightforward, yet flavorful dish, that is prepared for those special occasions. As a bonus, preparing London broil is not as

Wingstop’s Ranch Dressing Hack

There are a lot of things referred to as “liquid gold” – honey, argan oil, or even gold in liquid form – literally. For me, well, it’s ranch dressing! 😀 I remember seeing clips of Courtney Cox chugging an entire bottle of ranch, and I’d say, I could relate to

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