Spectacular Sushi and Sashimi

In this extraordinary class, Sushi Chef Hideyo Yamada, with her remarkable knife skills and impressive artistic talent, will guide you through all phases of preparing classic sushi and sashimi. Using time-honored techniques and health-supportive ingredients, you’ll also make mineral-rich broth, traditional sauces, perfect brown rice, and create exquisite garnishes. You’ll

Gluten Free Made Easy

Gluten-free is the dietary buzz these days, but forget about the hype. For those diagnosed with Celiac disease, or intolerant to wheat and related allergens, a gluten-free diet can be the gateway to increased health and vitality. Chef Marti Wolfson will give you an overview of gluten-free living and show

Achieving Balance with Ayurveda: A 3-Day Intensive Course

Practiced for over 5,000 years, and rooted in the ancient knowledge of Vedic India, Ayurveda is a finely tuned, holistic system designed to help people live long, healthy, and well balanced lives. Taken from the Sanskrit words ayus, meaning lifespan, and veda, meaning knowledge, Ayurveda teaches how to prevent illness

34th Annual – Basic Cooking Techniques – A 2-Week Intensive Course

This two-week immersion course is designed for those committed to learning the basic fundamentals and skills of healthful cooking in a concentrated period of time. This intensive course includes balanced menu planning and discussion of basic quality ingredients; knife skills; the use of herbs and spices; cooking with whole grains

Go Fish! Exciting Ways to Source and Serve Sustainable Seafood

Have you ever wondered if you are making the best choice when choosing seafood? Just as with meat, vegetables and dairy, when selecting seafood it’s important to consider what’s fresh, local, and sustainable! Join Sustainable Seafood Week in celebrating the delicious local catch of the New York area while learning

Vegan Umami: A 3-Day Intensive Course

Get ready to take your vegan cooking to the next level by unleashing the fifth taste, known as umami, described as the “flavor beyond all flavors”. Chef Olivia, will reveal how to heighten the glutmate molecules in umami rich, health-supportive ingredients. In the kitchen culinary lab, you will perform malliard

About Us

Our Story: Teaching kale, quinoa and community since 1977. In 1977, Dr. Annemarie Colbin started the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in the kitchen of her Upper West Side apartment. Today, Natural Gourmet Institute is the leader in health-supportive culinary education and has graduated over 2,500 chefs from over 45 countries.

Chef’s Training Program

Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef’s Training Program is a 619 hour professional program focusing on culinary technique and interdisciplinary health-supportive instruction. Natural Gourmet Institute is a professional culinary school with an interdisciplinary curriculum focused on cooking whole ingredients in health-supportive ways. Chef’s Training students learn principles of culinary technique, food science,

Certificate Programs

As the leader in health-supportive culinary education, we understand that students are interested in many aspects of the food system. Natural Gourmet Institute’s interactive and dynamic Certificate Programs are designed to give students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience and expertise in the areas of Food Therapy, Starting a Food

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