Gluten Free Made Easy

Gluten-free is the dietary buzz these days, but forget about the hype. For those diagnosed with Celiac disease, or intolerant to wheat and related allergens, a gluten-free diet can be the gateway to increased health and vitality. Chef Marti Wolfson will give you an overview of gluten-free living and show you how to create a variety of dishes with an emphasis on ancient grains like millet and quinoa. As you prepare these delectable recipes under Marti’s guidance, you will see how easy and tasty gluten-free can be.


Blueberry Chia Muffins
Warm Ancient Grain Cereal with Amaranth
Soba Noodle Salad with Vegetables
Herb- and Pistachio-Crusted Tofu with Honey-Glazed Mustard Greens
Wild Mushroom Quinoa with Umami Broth
Crispy Herbed Millet Croquettes with Lemon Tahini Sauce
Teff Brownies


Marti Wolfson brings a decade of experience in wellness through teaching, consulting, writing, and program development for kids, adults and corporations. She has been a featured chef on ABC Eyewitness News, Channel 12 Connecticut, and medical and lifestyle websites and magazines. Marti is a graduate of the CTP and has also attended The Institute of Functional Medicine’s Nutrition Course, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine Cancer Guides, and the Food as Medicine course.