How to Make Spam Less Salty

Have you been had a big bite of spam sandwich with a hungry stomach and thought you will never have a sandwich again! It must be the salty spam. However, sandwiches and burgers made from canned spam are the most reliable quick foods. Spams are an excellent source of meat from pork used for preparing many healthy dishes. 

Spams undergo processing to reduce the salt content before adding to other food. Otherwise, the food tastes too salty. To make your spam enjoyable to you we will the processes on how to make spam less salty.

What is Spam?

Spam is a preparation of ground pork, and ham that is canned. The mixture of processed meat contains flavoring and preservatives such as salt, potato starch, sugar, and a chemical, sodium nitrite. The meat is canned and sealed by vacuum.

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What is the Long Name of Spam?

As SPAM is a spicy ham, the name came from the expressed “spiced ham”. Originally, during the 2nd World War, in the UK it the name “Specialized Processed American Meat” was given the acronym SPAM. 

Why Does Spam Taste Salty?

The heavily salted canned meat cut the growth and survival of anaerobic organisms. Because spam remains in storage for quite a long time, salt acts as a preservative in preventing spoilage because of contaminants.

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Cans of spam are carried in ships and long journeys for the supply of meat to the diet of the travelers. 

Can You Eat Spam Straight From the Can?

Spam is cooked food. The tinned food including spam undergoes cooking and pasteurization before canning in tin containers. It has preservatives, starch, and sodium nitrite. None of these is harmful; therefore, they can be eaten straight from the can without cooking.

How to Make Spam Less Salty?

Eating spam with little less salt and spices makes it delicious meat. You can eat straight from the can but the salt level is so high that it is not comfortable to have without reducing the salt content. Let us how we can lessen the saltiness of spam.

Masking the Saltiness of spams

Soaking spam in water soaking and draining off spam in water several times will cut down the salt content. It is essential to give multiple washes of the spam with changes in the water. The water should be cool or cold.

You may also drain the salt away under running tap water, pat dry, and cook your desired if you do not mind a little high salt. In that case, you may avoid adding any salt to the other ingredients of your dish. 

Another method of using water is to leach out the salt by soaking it in water for about 2 hours before preparing the dish. 

  • Use of Lemon Juice and Vinegar

An acidic mixture counteracts high salt. Squeeze lemon juice or sprinkle vinegar to the spam pieces. The lemony, sour taste will mask the high salt content with an added flavor. 

  • Boiling Spam to Remove Salt

First, remove the salt from the spam after opening the can, by rinsing it in water. Boil the spam in a skillet for 5 to 10 minutes to remove the salt. Drain off the ham from the hot salty water before prospering your dish. 

  • Use of Potato to Reduce Salt in Spam

We often desalt salty food with the addition of potatoes. Potatoes absorb excessive salt by reverse osmosis. Throw potato in the pot containing the ham and simmer for10 minutes. Potatoes absorb the salt coming out of the ham.

Masking the Saltiness of spams

Besides removing the salt from the spam, you can cook or mix with food items to mask the salt level. Here is how you can serve spam to reduce the intensive taste of salt.

  • Serve Spam with Dairy Products

Many salt-free dairy products like butter, cottage cheese, and sour milk, are available in the grocery store. You can pick some to suit the recipe you want to use. These products when mixed with ham will make your food less salty. Try the following.

How to Make Spam Less Salty

  1. Chop the ham into pieces and cook with scalloped potatoes.
  2. Make an egg omelet with pieces of ham, cheddar cheese, egg, and vegetables. Good for breakfast and lunch. 
  • Ham with Lemon Juice

Masking with lemon juice gives a distinct flavor to the food. Use few tablespoons of lemon juice at a time. Rub the juice well and allow it to stay for 15 minutes. You may have to do a brief experiment on the duration of soaking to get the best result.

You can substitute vinegar for lemon juice.

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  • Use Less Spam in Your Recipe

If you use proportionately less spam in your recipe, the saltiness will be less. You can prepare a stew or soup you can use half or less of ham pieces. In this way, you can get enough meat in your diet with the goodness of the soup.

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Are Spams Available with Less Salt?

If you dread the salt content in the regular spam, you can look for cans with less salt content. You can find spams with 25% less salt.

Recipes of Spam

Now, let us look at some recipes with spam so you do not have to dig through the books. These are easy ways of getting the protein and nutrition from when you want a quick dish.

1. Spam Buns

Take medium-sized buns to serve as snacks. Cut the buns into half and stuff with pieces of spam, cheddar cheese, onion, and cucumber. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Serve with mustard or tomato sauce.

Recipes of Spam

2. Fried Rice with Spam

Making use of your leftover fried rice may turn into a favorite dish for kids. Adding pieces of spam to the fried rice and heating will give you a spicy, tangy, rice dish to your satisfaction. For a complete meal serve with heated canned soup for a quick meal.

spam recipes with rice

3. Hawaiian Noodles with Spam

Spams match perfectly with noodles. Prepare the regular noodles with Hawaiian sauce to give them a special flavor. Fry the pieces of spam in a skillet, throw it in the noodle, and serve hot. The proportion of noodles to spam to noodles may be 3:1. With a glass of juice and an apple, it becomes a good midday meal.

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4. Spam and Egg Macaroni Soup

Spam goes well with eggs especially if you want to lessen the salt. The pasta wrapped with mayonnaise, egg, soya sauce, and pieces of spams is simply filling. Add the kind of juice or fruit with it, to make a complete meal.

spam recipes with eggs

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q1: Is there a way to reduce the saltiness of Spam without compromising its flavor?

A1: Yes, there are several methods to make Spam less salty while still preserving its flavor. You can try soaking the sliced or diced Spam in cold water for about 15-30 minutes before cooking. This can help to remove some of the excess salt.

Q2: Can I rinse the Spam to reduce its saltiness?

A2: Rinsing Spam with water can be an effective way to reduce its saltiness. Simply rinse the Spam under cold running water for a few seconds to wash away some of the salt. However, keep in mind that this method may also diminish the flavor to some extent.

Q3: Are there any cooking techniques that can help reduce the saltiness of Spam?

A3: Yes, certain cooking techniques can help reduce the saltiness of Spam. For example, you can try blanching the Spam in boiling water for a few minutes before using it in a recipe. This can help to leach out some of the excess salt.

Q4: Can I mix Spam with other ingredients to balance out its saltiness?

A4: Absolutely! Combining Spam with other ingredients can help balance out its saltiness. For instance, you can add diced Spam to dishes with a neutral base like salads, stir-fries, or vegetable-heavy recipes. The other ingredients will dilute the saltiness and provide a more balanced taste.

Q5: Are there any alternative products or substitutes for Spam with lower sodium content?

A5: Yes, if you’re concerned about the saltiness of Spam, you may consider looking for low-sodium or reduced-sodium alternatives. Some brands offer Spam varieties with less sodium, or you can explore other canned or deli meat options that have lower salt content. Always check the product labels for nutritional information before making a purchase.


After all, the salty spam is not as hard to manage for quick meals. The techniques for how to make spam less salty workout good. You can try any of those methods to enhance the taste of your preparation. The meat of spam is healthy and prepared to have a long shelf life.

Despite the extra effort to desalt the spam, a few cans stored at home can be a relief from running to the grocery store. We wish you luck in managing your spams into enjoyable meals.