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Technology is racing on and rendering our kitchens with the kind of sophistication we could never imagine decades back. It sure is fascinating to keep up with the pace. But can we be rest assured or are we more worried by the sophisticated delicateness of our modern kitchen? Though appliances advance forward, do we always feel that they come as an advantage? Are we in fact not worried half the time about many miscellaneous disasters? Well, that’s why we need to be making wise choices while upgrading or attempting to upgrade our kitchen. Here are a few suggestions that can perhaps help you step up your basic powerhouse.

One of the primary concerns when setting up our kitchen is aesthetics and, of course, comfort. I believe it is important to focus on both, without actually compromising with the real benefits of updated features.

Induction Cooktops

By far, induction cooktops are one of the safest cooking appliances. No open flames or hot coils to worry about, and your curious little kids or furry pets can safely feel the surface or at times walk over the cooktop coolly, like my cat.

An induction cooktop, rather than heating themselves up, uses electromagnetic field that is generated on a ferromagnetic cookware. So what happens is that only the burner in contact with the cookware gets heated while cooking, every other part of the cooktop remains cool.

And even when the cooktop is switched on it doesn’t heat up as long as the cookware is not placed on it. What’s more, many models of induction cooktops are equipped with electronic heat sensors that will check overheating beyond the preset temperature limit.

And… yes, there is the added advantage of child lock when not in use. Touch controls are definitely user friendly and perhaps more suitable for the elderly as well as arthritis patients who do not have free mobility or rather flexibility in their joints.

GE is one reliable brand for induction cooktops that has gained prominence. Other than GE induction cooktops, some of the preferred choices that people go for are Bosch, Wolf, True Induction, Frigidaire, Thermador, Nuwave, and Whirlpool.

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Downdraft Ranges and Range Hoods

Downdraft ranges, as we know, are equipped with fans that will give sufficient ventilation to your cooking zone. Mostly to do with comfort, downdraft hoods are desirable for the cooling effect as well as the easy controls we can ensure by it.

Many of these downdraft hoods are built with a decorative element to it. So you can still have your kitchen covered if you install one.

Some of the fashionable brands like Moon Crystal and Jenn Air are elegant and yet of reliable quality.

Wall Ovens

It’s simple, ovens work with high temperature, prone to heat hazards. One of the best options would be the ones built into your walls. That way, you secure your home from even rare accidents like knocking a sizzling hot oven over the floor.

Experience calls for these innovative wall ovens, built with side-swing doors as safer. The hot interior of the oven is harsh especially when we are bending over it. Side door swing solves the hazard you can get on your sensitive skin every time you open your baked dishes and confectioneries.

Another added preference is choosing double walled ovens. There is a range of choices now in the market that is ever more refined. While steam ovens are the newest obsession, stainless steel finish will ensure safer, healthier baking.

Some good brands are DG, BlueStar, and GE Monogram.

Automated Appliances

Ranging from refrigerators and dishwashers that take a whole lot of space in the kitchen to microwave and coffee makers, there are a range of electronically operated machines that are emerging in the market. It might seem overloaded with the idea of electronics, but I think it a safe idea to opt for the automated ones. You even get a few exceptionally resilient automated devices can be operated via networks or wifi and even Bluetooth. Think of it, if you choose the right brands, your kitchen can merge into a safe haven.


What are those Areas you Should Stick to the Very Classics?

If you can have your sharp cutlery and small mixers or grinders locked away safely from your precious kids, that should do. You do not need automated lockers to complicate things in your kitchen. It will only make your home look less homely, your kitchen is no electronic safe where burglars target. Cut down on glass furnishing unless you love crystallized kitchen. Wooden furnishings are the healthiest as far as I consider it. Wooden stuffs like ladles are also delightful choices for me.

In conclusion, every modern home actually has a fire extinguisher at hand, expedient way to ensure safety against any of the slightest fire hazards.

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