Temperature Settings for Various Items in Induction Cooking



Induction cooktops are known for precision in temperature control unlike gas cooktops. Do the different heat levels perplex you with its wide variation in temperature? Though the range of temperature settings does differ from model to model, I will attempt to sort out which temperature is suitable for different food items. The temperature in induction cooktops can reach up to a maximum of 550+F if it is high temperature silicon rubber. But generally, the temperature in induction cooktops ranges from 100F to 500F.

Which Temperature Setting to Use for Your Cooking

  • Powerful as induction cooktops might be, high heat settings are hardly used because we do not necessarily need very hot temperatures for normal cooking. But of course, quick boiling (huge quantities) definitely need the higher temperature settings. Apart from that, low or medium temperature is recommended.
  • Boiling fresh vegetables will require simmering temperature which is slightly lower than boiling point. To find the perfect simmering point, adjust the temperature level till you get your water or soup bubbling gently, not boil over.
  • Deep frying also does not need high temperature as it will lead to smoking. Therefore, it is more recommendable to heat your oil slowly on low heat. And unless you want to sear the meat, maintain the heat at low, the hottest it can get is medium.
  • Stir fry or dry fry may seem easy and fast but as you know it is even more vulnerable because the higher the temperature, more chances of getting your food overcooked. Use medium temperature; just make sure that the heat is just enough to get the frying pan dry, not less, not more.
  • Barbeque works best when you can maintain the heat between 200F to 250F. The consistency of temperature is more important than the intensity of temperature even in a smoker. So when you are setting up for a barbecue on you induction cooktop in the evening, choose the right temperature, use a grill plate, and maintain the heat which an induction is very good at.
  • If you are trying to sauté your beef to a perfect brown, choose the temperature just below medium. It is preferable to heat oil slowly and also let the meat cook slowly.
  • Steaming your vegetables with a fine steam until it is just tender, need just the correct heating temperature that will not make the water boil or steam too fast.
  • For delicate food, slow cooking at low heat is most suitable. You can even melt food or keep your food warm at the lowest temperature level.

As you will often see in specifications, induction cooktops have pre-set temperature settings. You can select the preferred setting for your kind of cooking. Induction cooktops are highly energy efficient; they are meant to provide sophistication in our cooking with specialized temperature precision. Well, different brands provide differing number of temperature settings. To name a few, GE induction cooktops have 19 control settings, NuWave induction cooktops have 6 settings, and Nesco Induction cooktops usually have 5 power settings. Well, it takes practice & experience to be able to determine the appropriate heat setting for your cooking. A final suggestion would be that you better not be scared to experiment and find out the perfect settings that suits your cooking.